Born in Fort Collins, Colorado Gary began his music career at the age of 15, eventually touring the United States with a variety of bands. Gary’s band credits include Clear Creek, Travis, Hit & Run, Dreamer, Pavlov’s Dog, Pranks, No Exit, Nice Brothers, Matt Iddings, the Matt Johnson Band, Nosmokings, Bentli, and Featherhead to name a few.

Gary moved to Dallas, Texas in 1984, starting Nomad Recording Studios 6 years later. Initially, Nomad was an 8-track studio, expanding to 16-track shortly thereafter. In 1998, Gary achieved one of his dreams: upgrading Nomad to a state-of-the-art facility.

Gary’s passions include playing music of all kinds and recording, mixing and mastering. “My personal goal is to provide artists with the best possible recording environment and production.”

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As a full-time audio engineer and musician, Russell has been actively involved in the music industry for the entirety of his career.

Russell has earned a degree in Sound Technology/Live Sound Reinforcement and Audio Engineering alongside years of dedicated real-world live sound and recording studio knowledge and experience.

His productions have also received music placement and have been featured on national television. Russell currently works to produce his own music along with countless national and regional bands and artists.

Russell continuously strives to deliver a modern and hard-hitting sound, Russell is very passionate about the music he produces and works hard to ensure a reliable and valuable product in a relaxed and efficient environment.

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