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What Is Mastering:

Mastering is the final step in the recording process, it is one of the most critical steps in what will ultimately determine the final results of your hard work. Nomads streamlined approach to processing your final mixes ensures a consistent result, making your product competitive with other Major Label releases (Radio, Internet, Film, Television) worldwide.

Upon completion of the Mastering process, a Master file of your finalized song(s)/project is then created for manufacturing and pressing. Nomad exercises great care and attention to detail, to ensure the vision and client expectations have been met. Nomad believes the client is always right, and prides itself on client satisfaction. 90% of our business is derived referrals and word of mouth.


Who We Are:

The Nomad Mastering Studio is Dallas Texas’ best kept secret when it comes to High Fidelity Mastering. We specialize in Independent and Major Label projects, Rock, R&B, Alternative, Metal, Country, Hip Hop, Jazz and World music.

Nomad offers an affordable solution to professional mastering services, in a timely manner. Nomad’s meticulous attention to detail, professionalism, and continued devotion to our clients, makes Nomad Studios one of the top choices among Artist, Producers, Engineers and Musicians alike.

Mastering Philosophy:

Our goal is to make your music sound its best, we test your final recordings on multiple playback device to ensure high fidelity and consistency. In a world where loudness is king, the majority of what you are listening to has been severely compressed and over limited. Nomad’s emphasis is in keeping the depth and clarity of your music, without sacrificing loudness. A lot of thought and care is put into your music before it is ready for duplication or broadcast. Nomads approach to producing final CD Masters comes from years of experience a pursuit of excellence and being fans of all genres of music.

Every song is unique, whether we are breathing life into a digital recording or making minor adjustments to mix related problems, our end goal is still sonic perfection and a happy client. Through the Use of EQ, Compression and other processing we can make your music rival that of other commercial CD’s. We incorporate both tube and solid state equipment with the preciseness of digital equipment to achieve sonic excellence, resulting in a punchier and larger than life recording. The end result, all songs are the same volume and similar in Equalization leaving you with a consistent sounding project. A continuous flow from song to song (spacing and fades) is our goal when it comes to sequencing your project. No more grabbing for the volume knob, no more worries, you can finally enjoy a professional result of your hard work, time, effort and money.

Nomad has a dedicated staff of music industry professionals, with years of experience behind the board and numerous high profile credits. Having worked on a wide variety of projects we have what it takes to make the critical decisions needed to fine tune your albums sound. Nomad Studios is a custom designed and built commercial mastering room, outfitted with high end mastering grade gear, providing precise control and excellent sound recordings. Let our passion for music help you achieve what you want out of your next album.


Apple Intel Mac
Apogee AD/DA
Dangerous Music Metering
Dangerous Music 2 Buss
Dangerous Music Monitor
Manley Massive Passive EQ
Manley Vari Mu Compressor
Cranesong HEDD




Avid Protools HD9
Linear Phase EQ’s
L2 & L3 Limiters
And much much more


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